Chicas 2 Adult Sex Comics

6 Jul


With ever increasing organized crime and threats of global terrorism to the western world, the United States in a partnership with five other countries join forces to form a secret coalition named the Intercontinental Enforcement Alliance (IEA) to fight these threats with unconventional law. A rigorous recruiting process took place to assemble a unit of five beautiful women skilled in separate areas of espionage. After experiencing problems with the American finalist, the IEA decided on four of the five finalists… all of which who were from the Latin countries of Cuba, Venezuela, Mexcio and Colombia. This four woman team of Latin beauties became known as “Chicas”. They are: Morena, Kandi, Cammi and Dot and are ready for some action, some hardcore sex action if possible. When there is a job that must be done at any cost, the IEA sends in the Chicas and they always do it.

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