Mount Harass Adult Sex Comics

23 Apr


College football star Buck finally has a date with one of the hottest girls in school, but things don’t end exactly the way he wants it. However this date sets up a series of events that will lead Buck, Raylene, Clara, and Dixie on the memorable trip to Mount Harass. He is determined to have his first foursome with the girls, but in order for that to happen Buck must overcome all the intense drama, jealousy, and outrageous hijinks that is thrown at him. Buck, Raylene, Clara, and Dixie arrive at Mount Harass. After the group ditches Dixie momentarily, Raylene and Buck find themselves next to a the sacred tree of the Wadakiki tribe. After some time alone with the tree, Raylene and Buck arrive at the ski resort to find Ron and his girlfriend, Daphne, there as well. Since Buck is here, Ron decides it is the perfect time for the two to start a party. Things become more awkward when a naked Dixie arrives. Buck takes Dixie back to the cabin, while Raylene informs Ron that Buck will not be at the party. At the cabin, Buck and Dixie become more intimate when a group of people barges in to party. Buck and Dixie leave the cabin and head back to the resort. Meanwhile Raylene meets Clara at the bar to discuss how Raylene can have Buck all for herself for the entire weekend.

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