Pleasure Bon Bon 1 Adult Sex Comics

6 Apr


In Pleasure Bon Bon Rendez-Vous at the Delight Castle we get introduced to William Greenback, an incurable gambler cat on the run from his creditors. When William learns about the town of Bon Bon he reluctantly takes refuge into it trying to save his own skin. When he finally gets into the town of Bon Bon he ends up inside a brothel/casino where he’ll get involved in the sexiest gamble in all his life. He looses all his money as any bad gambler would do and makes a bit of a mess in the casino, but in the end things turn out not to be so bad as he has to go and try to get a job as a butler for one of the richest men in the town. Meanwhile we also get a glimpse of Mary, a sweet, naive virgin daughter with a very rich father that loves to masturbate while reading erotic literature. We also get to see the hot girls at the brothel/casino servicing the sexual needs of their customers and pleasuring themselves when they have the chance to get some free time, and this is just the start of the story.

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