Pleasure Bon Bon 3 Adult Sex Comics

11 Jul


In Pleasure Bon Bon – The New Sexy Butler we continue the story in the city pleasures Bon Bon to see what new adventures are waiting our main hero William Greenback. He leaves the casino/brother he was staying in to go find a job, a job as a butler for a rich man called Simon Blue and his daughter Mary. He arrives at the mansion while the still virgin girl Mary is in her room masturbating, though soon as she hears a visitor has come she is eager to take a look who is it. Meanwhile William invents a false name and background trying to impress his future boss, he says his name is Wilson Green and Mr Blue adds a twist to the story misunderstanding that Wilson’s big secret is that he is Gay, so he gives him the job. In the end it is time for William Greenback aka Wilson Green to meet his new mistress Mary Blue, and he is instantly captivated by her beauty, but what will he do as a butler considering the fact that he is believed to be a Gay, something he clearly isn’t.

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