In Pleasure Bon Bon – The Long Night we are back to the city pleasures Bon Bon to continue our story of love and sex and something more. Our hero Wilson is already tired from the tons of work he has done at the mansion during the day and he gets ordered from Mr Blue to escort his sexy daughter Mary to her room and make sure the windows and the door is locked. When both of them are alone Mary asks her new butler what does he think of her, does he find her sexy and attractive and Wilson s having some trouble seeing his half naked mistress asking him such questions. In the end he gets away form the problematic situation by telling Mary he is Gay and doe snot like women, something that he clearly is not, but this is a part of his cover. Meanwhile we see Betty at the Delight Castle enjoying some hard sex with two guys that sure know how to give enough pleasure to a girl, s what comes next…

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Babes from Captain Planet show their tushies off, get them rimmed and dicked. When you are here, you really feel that it is you who is in control. Everything that you see here has been drawn on demand for our dear members – and you can contribute to this collection too! Just join in and send us your wish – anything that you want to see depicted on our super-explicit toon porn artworks and we’ll draw that for you! It’s this easy!

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