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For years, we’ve read various Marvel, DC and other comics and have watched all villains with subdued super-heroines at their feet. Hot women in barely – their costumes, completely at their mercy, but still nothing fun ever happened. “I could pull this girl’s top off, but I better steal this bag of money instead.” Yeah, right… like that is exactly what an evil villain with super powers would do all the time. However there is no Comics Code Authority to tell you what you can read, and no corporation censoring your comics and with Justice Babes’ adult comics when the girls find themselves in peril, it gets really hardcore and you finally get to see the kind of adult action you wanted to. And you get to read various adult comics featuring different sexy and naked super girls and super boys rendered in 3D. The Adult 3D rendered comics Justice Babes, Battlemates, BattleChix, Dare Babes, Powerless, The Golden Age, Beat Down, Wonder Broad, The Flasher, Ultimate Justice Babes, Growing Pains and more are waiting for you.

You can get more of the Justice Babes adult 3D rendered sex comics here…

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